John Yandell, ATRP Research Director 

John Yandell is a nationally known tennis author, researcher, writer, video producer and  coach. He has worked with players including John McEnroe and Gabriela Sabatini.  He is the author of Visual Tennis and has produced a series of critically acclaimed instructional videos.

Yandell has worked with USTA Sports Science and USTA Player Development applying the project results in player and coaching education and speaks regularly at national coaching symposiums. The John Yandell Tennis School is located in San Francisco, California.

Nasif Iskander, ATRP Principal Scientist

Nasif Iskander has worked with Project Director John Yandell since the inception of the project in defining areas of research and the use of appropriate technologies.  His original software program made the digital analysis of the speed of the ball in pro tennis possible for the first time. 

Iskander teaches conceptual and advanced physics at San Francisco University High School.  He received his B.A. in physics from the University of California at Berkeley, and has done extensive graduate work and research at both University of California at Berkeley and Brookhaven National Laboratory. 

Robert Schleihauf, Ed.D, ATRP Principal Scientist

Robert Schleihauf is Professor of Kinesiology at San Francisco State University, where he is also Director of the Movement Analysis Laboratory.  He is a leader in 3D analysis of sports motion and the development of kinematic analysis software. He has done pioneering 3D work in the analysis of flat, slice and topspin serves, in conjunction with USTA Sports Science. 

His previous work has included the 3D analysis of swimming bio-mechanics that changed basic teaching methodology in competitive swimming.  Schleifhauf received his B.S, M.A. and Ed.D degrees from Columbia University.